Taxi Booking Services


Our Group has invested in a technologically advanced call booking system which utilises satellite technology to allow hassle-free call booking and quick response rates to calls from commuters in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of driver operations and to provide convenience and ease of use to commuters.


The system automates taxi booking, from the initial entry of customer call details, through to allocation of the most suitable taxi and the subsequent transmission of job details for display to the driver. By incorporating GPRS and GSM network dispatch and tracking facilities, the system's dispatch and tracking facility is capable of detecting the location of our taxis rapidly and accurately in highly built-up urban environments.

Booking Services

Taxis will be automatically allocated, based on a range of criteria including proximity to the pick up location and the estimated time for the driver to reach the pick up location. Our GPRS assisted taxi dispatching system utilises high quality digitised map contents data to facilitate the dispatching of jobs to nearest vehicles, alerts on taxi arrival and other parameters which are essential to ensure passenger satisfaction. This enables the call centre to communicate effectively with the taxi drivers so as to ensure that the waiting time for the passenger is minimal.

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